How do I book a property?

To book a property we recommend that you fill in the form on the page of the selected property.
You can also book by phone or send an e-mail to:

When & how do we pay?

To reserve a property a one month deposit fee is secured which will be refunded when leaving the property.
The monthly rental cost is paid by the end of every month after signing the rental agreement. 

Payment is made by deposit in Long Term Rent’s account, according to the information in the quotation.
Payment can also be done at our office in Tavira. 

Can we pay by creditcard?

Yes, we receive card payments via Paypal. If you wish to pay by credit card, notify us and we will send payment instructions via e-mail.
More information about Paypal can be found here:

What is not included in the rent?

Utility costs (electricity, water & gas) are not included in the rental and will be paid by the tenant monthly. 

Rental car?

We offer car rental in Algarve for longstay visits. 
The monthly price is 390€ and includes insurance & unlimited mileage driving. 

The standard car model is: Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, Fiat Punto or similar. 

Flight information:

For all departures from 1 May 2018, most airlines require the transport of special equipment, such as larger luggage, to be requested and approved in advance.

As luggage capacity is limited, special luggage is always transported subject to free space. Therefore, we recommend that you request the transport of special luggage in connection with the booking.

The closest airports to our destinations in Algarve are Faro airport, Lisbon airport & Sevilla airport. 

Documents / Details

Our quotation is accompanied with all property details, driving information as well as other important details prior to your stay. 

Our site managers

Long term Rent has site managers in Algarve who take care of all necessary questions or assistance during your stay. 

Travel insurance

Long Term Rent does not provide travel insurance. Check with your insurance company or credit card company what is included in your home insurance, travel insurance and supplement it if necessary. 

Cancelation rules

All our cancelation rules & conditions will be presented in our agreement in our quotation.